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"Hello! "Interviewer" is a large-scale job search service program jointly produced by Shenzhen Satellite TV and Yusheng Culture. Since November 30, 2017, it will be broadcast on Shenzhen Satellite TV at 22:00 every Thursday night.

The program was hosted by the host Guo Tao, and Jian Lili, a senior workplace consultant classical and well-known psychological expert, served as a workplace consultant and psychological mentor. The program puts the concept of "the future of the workplace" throughout, and has carried out a multi-dimensional upgrade on the basis of previous job hunting programs. From the form of the program to the design of the content, there is more tension. The program is in line with the workplace ecology. From evaluation to interview to salary talk, it fully reflects the psychological demands of job applicants and interviewers, and visually shows the relationship between job applicants, between interviewers, and between job applicants and interviewers in job interviews. Game between the parties.

| Broadcasting platform: Shenzhen Satellite TV

| Program Type: Large-scale job search service program

| Content: Seven seasons in total

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