Yusheng culture

  Yusheng Culture Group (stock code: 01859.HK) was established in 2014 and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 13, 2020. As a fast-growing lifestyle-based content service provider. Yusheng Culture is committed to the research and development, marketing, production and distribution of original content, providing business and industrialization and other value-added services based on original content; and solving other commercial practical needs such as commodity circulation and community operation and management for enterprises.

    As a pioneer in the integration of China’s content industry, Yusheng Culture actively embraces new technologies and new formats such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, virtual reality (VR/AR), and 5G technology. The contact, exploration and innovation of technology, new markets and new invisible champions strengthen their core competitiveness in an all-round way. At present, the group has formed a complete "two-in and two-out" content research and development mechanism, and from a professional perspective:

    · Turn the personalized content creation process into a standard industrial production;

    · Put market demand before content research and development;

    ·Perfectly integrate the artistic pursuit of content with the commercial needs of the market.

   At the same time, the group has developed a matrix project operation model mechanism, which maximizes the matrix operation of product forms, deeply empowers different industrial chains in social and economic fields such as medical and pharmaceutical, e-commerce, robotics, etc., and realizes the connection between content and industry. And mutual empowerment, and enable the enterprise itself to achieve income diversification and cost sharing, and maximize profits.

    After six years of development and growth, the group has now formed a product structure of "three industries simultaneously" for long, medium and short video content, covering six vertical product lines in the fields of food, workplace, technology, health, cultural tourism, and criminal investigation. It covers a variety of content product types such as variety shows, film and television dramas, audiobooks, paid videos, and comics.

    Since its establishment, the group has successively carried out in-depth cooperation with many Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, BYD Auto, Gree Electric, JD, Arowana, 360 and many other Fortune 500 companies. At the same time, it has formed a long-term stable relationship with the channel partners such as Dragon TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Anhui Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, the three major video platforms (Youku, Tencent, iQiyi), and new media platforms such as Douyin and Weibo. Partnership.