I want to open a shop

Author:煜盛文化 Date:2020-09-16 Source:本站


"I want to open a store" is the first domestic variety show produced by Yusheng Culture. It presents the whole process of opening a store in the most true and comprehensive way. It is driven by "film and television IP + new consumption" as innovation and is committed to promoting culture. Industry integration innovation and cross-border development. The first season of "I Want to Open a Store" was opened by five celebrity guests Guo Jingfei, Wu Xin, Wu Xuanyi, Huang Minghao, and Li Xiang respectively and five maker partners. The store will be opened every Friday at 22:00 on December 20, 2019. Broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Youku platforms.

| Type of program: The first domestic variety show of Xingsu's actual combat operation

| Premiere time: December 20, 2019

| Broadcast time: Every Friday night at 22:00

| Broadcast channel: Jiangsu Satellite TV & Youku