Variety show production

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  Yusheng Cultural Integrated Marketing Center implements the integration of publicity and distribution, a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy, in-depth cooperation and exchanges with mainstream media channels at home and abroad, and establishes a strong content cooperation network. The "Jianwan Entertainment Marketing" section under the center has officially launched a full range of industry-wide film and television entertainment cooperation since 2014. He has served successively including Zhejiang Satellite TV "Running Brother", "The Voice of China", Dragon TV "Swordsman", Jiangsu Satellite TV "Kunlun Decision", Anhui Satellite TV "Mr. Super", "Unstoppable", "Who is your dish" ", "Super Premiere", Hubei Satellite TV "I'm a Comedy Crazy", Shaanxi Satellite TV "Super Teacher" and many other strong variety shows. At the same time, he also participated in the integrated marketing of well-known film and television blockbusters such as the movies "Little Times", "Three-body", "Let's Date", TV series "Love Apartment 4", "Guardian", "One Servant and Two Masters" and "Big Man" And publicity work. At present, Yusheng Cultural Integrated Marketing Center has been built into an important department with the three functions of planning, execution, and publicity. In the future, it plans to continue to penetrate the industry and cooperate with the industry's leading film and television content to further deepen the market; at the same time, from bottom to top The market collects through publicity channels, and then the content and creative production customization is carried out by the upstream. Through this model, the integrated marketing center developed and produced the youth urban web drama in the second half of 2017. The first part of the Beidiao trilogy, "Beijing Love Story", was launched on iQiyi in February 2019.


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