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  It is jointly produced by Yusheng Culture, Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Kugou Music. It will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV at 22:00 every Friday night from April 27, 2018. As a music variety show combining stars and elements. "Hi! "Sing It Up" invites amateur sing singers and singers from the music industry to sing a classic song on the same stage, to reminisce about the music industry classics, and to chat about music stories. The guests participating in Hi Sing include Sun Nan, Yu Quan, Da Zhang Wei, Deng Ziqi, Yang Zongwei, Fei Yuqing, Li Ronghao and other well-known singers. The lineup is strong and should not be missed.

| Broadcasting platform: Jiangsu Satellite TV

| Program Type: Music Variety Show

| Broadcast time: 2nd quarter of 2018

| Number of broadcast periods: 12

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