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Make bosses more worry-free and make employees happier.

The first domestic workplace observation variety show "The CEO Is Coming" landed on Dragon TV on November 23, 2019. Committed to subverting the workplace ecology and improving workplace relationships, "Boss is Coming" adopts the form of "Tucao" to provide a unique and interesting communication platform for employees and bosses. The first episode invited three CEOs: Li Dan, Zou Shiming, and Dai Kebin, and four CEO observers: Hai Qing, Cheng Lei (and host), Xiong Ziqi, and Liu Yunfeng to explore the relationship between the boss and the employee A and B. Workplace relationship, ease the pressure of employees at work, realize empathy, deeply explore the daily life between bosses and subordinates with different personalities, and depict the most exciting Chinese workplace relationship illustration.

| Type: Workplace reality show variety show

| Broadcasting platform: Dragon TV

| Broadcast time: November 2019