Who is your dish

Author:煜盛文化 Date:2020-09-16 Source:本站


The large-scale seasonal all-star life variety show "Who is your dish" gathers multiple elements such as stars, food, news, variety shows and talk shows, starting with food, exploring the inner world of stars, and making the combination of food and variety shows more thorough. Through cooking the unique ingredients in the celebrities’ refrigerators, the program talks with the celebrities about topics such as diet and health, and understands the celebrities’ private real life stories contained therein. Xie Nan and Shen Ling served as hosts in the first season, and Li Xiang and Yu Sheng served as hosts in the second and third seasons.

| Type: Food and Life Variety Show

| Broadcasting platform: Anhui Satellite TV/iqiyi

| Broadcast time: 2015-2017

| Program content: three seasons in total