Film and television content production

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Film and television content production

Yusheng Culture has a young and professional R&D team that understands the lack of originality in the domestic film and television entertainment industry. The company's R&D team combines domestic needs to continuously develop high-quality content with Chinese characteristics.

Since the establishment of the company, the first, second and third seasons of the large-scale all-star gourmet food competition life show "Who is your dish" that have won the ratings multiple times during the same period have gained good reputation; a large-scale job search service launched at the end of 2017 Class program "Hello! "Interviewer", the seventh season has now been broadcast, and it will continue to be broadcast in 2020. In addition to variety shows, the company also has excellent R&D capabilities in the fields of film and television and comics.

| Find IP content

Find suitable IP content in the form of writing a story.

| Develop IP content

Develop IP content using existing topics, stories, hot news, and real events in the market.

| Incubation IP

Incubate and develop IP in a point-to-face format.

| Incubation of own IP

Multi-dimensional cross-industry incubation, starting from online novels, mobile games, animation and other products to incubate its own IP.

| Re-development, re-creation

Re-development and re-creation based on its own IP to open the fields of film and television dramas, variety shows, games and so on.

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