Beijing Drifting Love Story

Author:煜盛文化 Date:2021-09-16 Source:本站

"Beijing Drifting Love Story" tells the story of the protagonist Wu Yuchao who moved to a shared house in Beijing Tiantongyuan community due to work transfer. He met a group of young people with their own stories. They gradually built trust and friendship, and lived together every day for their own sake. Dream and work hard.

This play uses the perspective of contemporary young people, combined with the "drifting" people in the city, reflecting the real life state of young people bravely chasing dreams and experiencing drifting. From the small to the earth, as the times change, urban people's mentality changes in their feelings, life, and work, which have generated group resonance.

Type: Urban cultural drama series

Broadcasting platform: iQiyi

Broadcast time: February 2019


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